TRAVEL | How to design the world’s best airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport recently unveiled plans to open a mixed-use complex in 2019, promising a five-story indoor garden, among other attractions.

The pressure is on to maintain the title of world’s best airport — in which it’s held for the past five years — as ranked by Skytrax’s World Airport Awards. It’s also considered the best airport to sleep by many reviews and bloggers.

The airport’s offerings and amenities are far and wide ranging from a free movie theater, outdoor swimming pool and butterfly garden featuring more than 1,000 insects ranging from 40 different specifies.

It’s even marketed as its own destination within Singapore, where it’s not uncommon to see families visit Changi to shop and dine on weekends. It’s also known to be a hot spot for students looking for a coffee shop to study in.

CNBC went behind the scenes to explore how the world’s best airport is designed.

Credit: CNBC International

inverted commas

Look forward to the Changi Experience in your next visit to this world-class airport.


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